Things are getting hectic right now

Mar 7, 2022 | 0 comments

A lot of online entrepreneurs I speak with are feeling more and more concerned with the current social, political and economic situation.

Especially the Aussie ones.

I get it, I too have been thinking WTF is happening?!?!

Like me, many are concerned for the welfare of humanity.

Yet they are also feeling stretched because they need to keep their business scaling.

Some days it is hard for them to keep moving forward with the events happening around them, yet they know that their business is the vehicle that will allow them to make an impact, and it is their vehicle for freedom.

The best way to impact the world is to scale their business quickly.

Money = units of choice for them.

Not units of choice to buy a Ferrari, for them it is units of choice to attain freedom.

Actual freedom.

  • To buy land and build a sustainable community.
  • To invest in projects to protect other more vulnerable humans.
  • To set up a hybrid business model that is on secure private community owned CENSOR FREE platforms, for their business operations like leads, sales, delivery and also the financials etc.
  • To book a ticket to another location where they feel safer.
  • To protect their family.

They are not interested in the IG worthy entrepreneur life that was all the rage in 2019.

Times have changed for them, now their business and wealth is more about not just surviving this bedlam, yet THRIVING IN IT.

Through their thriving, they will focus their energy, attention, and wealth on making the old obsolete and building a NEW SYSTEM.

These are my people.

Once I wanted to buy a Hermes bag…

Now I want to secure my own privacy and sovereignty.

Many of these entrepreneurs despite knowing all of this are still experiencing normal scaling challenges and problems in their business, like:

  • Working too hard to generate leads and sales.
  • Attempting to hire or manage the right teams to help them scale.
  • Doing their best to find the balance between generating leads, making sales and delivering their services
  • Doing their best to reposition as an online expert as they are or will be affected by outside circumstances.
  • Feeling overworked as they are the main driver in their business, no them driving it no business.
  • Feeling like they are giving too much for too little return.
  • Frustrated as the organic reach on the social platforms are down and the things they used to use like Facebook challenges, webinars, social media strategies aren’t working like they used to.
  • Frustrated with the never ending changes to the community guidelines on the social platforms, especially with the Facebook advertising constant changes.

They want a solution for these, and quickly as they are in recognition that time is of the essence during these uncertain times.

If the above lands for you, I can help.

My business The Sovereign Business Movement was created for you.

Let me show you the opportunity that is present for us to create something new, while providing a solution to all of the above scaling problems via a method that will get you FAST results.

Want to automate your business and enjoy more freedom?

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