Confessions Of A Business Coach

Jun 27, 2022 | 0 comments

In my experience despite saying they want results in their business when hiring a business coach, A LOT OF PEOPLE DON’T ACTUALLY WANT RESULTS.

(Sure consciously they say they want that yet unconsciously).

Yet a lot fo them just want to be SEEN.

Seen by the business coach.
Seen as successful by their market.
Seen by their peers.

Until some one graduates out of this phase of needing to be seen they will not win as an entrepreneur.

Not only that if the business coach they hire doesn’t play into their need to be seen, they will end up being a perpetrator of sorts.

I remember before I had epic application processes to not engage or at least set a STRONG frame with this type of client, I had a handful of these clients.

One in particular sent me an email that was paragraphs LONG telling me I never made her feel SEEN or LOVED and I showed her how NOT to be a business coach.

I was like ok…

She had no coaching business when she met me went from no business to consistent 50K months in 6 months.

You see the thing that triggered her is I wouldn’t go out and party with her or the clients. They wanted me to do lines, who shots and be their friend.

After some VERY solid advice from an amazing mentor I had clear boundaries that I would not be friends with clients until we concluded our contractual term.

This caused that particular client to throw an adult tantrum becasue she didn’t actually want results.

She wanted me to SEE her, to LOVE her (in her words).

Sure, if I was her counsellor or her transformation coach this reaction would make more sense to me.

Yet, I was her business coach.

I am grateful for this particular person, although I know they have slandered me to any one who would listen for the past 2 years they have given me the greatest gift.

The gift of being able to know who I am FOR as a business coach and who I am NOT FOR.

I am FOR those who WANT RESULTS. And don’t need me to dance on bars, do lines and SEE them.

If you are looking for a friend top do this my suggestion is as Dan Pena says “get a dog”.

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