I’m kate gray

Founder of Boss B*tch Business

I support female entrepreneurs to create a digital online business and build their own empire as a vehicle for conscious change in the world.

Who am I

Kate Gray is considered one of the top Visionary Entrepreneurs and Leaders in Australia. Her work has been embraced by entrepreneurs, coaches, consultants and thought leaders from the USA, UK, Europe and Australia.

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I have been working with Kate for a while and recently attended a live event where she shared her wisdom on branding and marketing. She has the ability to put complex ideas into simple language so it is easy to understand and action straight away. This is a skill unique to Kate that I haven’t found in anyone else.

– MATILDA MORGAN, Impact Driven Style

Hi there!

Thanks for checking out my website.

Over the past 8 years I have invested over $800,000 in business and self-
development, from Masterminds with Gary Vaynerchuk to 1-on-1 sessions with Scott Oldford, somatic sexology immersions, Zen meditation retreats and plant medicine ceremonies/retreats.

Why? There are actually several very important reasons…

Client Love

“Even though I’ve been in business for 14 years I have learned so much from Kate and Jeff. I thought I knew everything until Kate gave me a new perspective on being seen online, communicating in emails, even how to dress. I’ve learned so much about branding and marketing and all aspects of doing a launch. I love working with her because she’s so passionate about teaching others that her enthusiasm is contagious. This has made me excited again about working on my business, tweaking and using new marketing and sales strategies.”

Jodie Creek

Zoo To You

“I’m currently being mentored by Kate and also attended the Impact Incubator event last weekend. Kate is an expert in communicating her ideas in a very clear and practical way on how to use marketing to create a bigger impact.

The key benefit for me is she has taught me how to structure my story on social media in a way that creates a buying process and allows me to build relationships with people rather than just sell to them. She has filled in the gaps that other coaches weren’t able to do because she understands her clients in greater depth, and is always willing to go the extra mile to provide even more value.”

Tegan Mel

Soul Quartz

“I’ve worked a lot particularly with Jeff over the years which has brought me excellent results. They make a great team. I find that Kate produces really good content and I love the way she markets herself. She knows how to capture attention and how to create polarity. They are genius when it comes to understanding audiences and how to create an emotional response that gets people to buy. When it comes to launches and organic strategies Kate is the ultimate Boss Bitch as people receive the transmission just by being in her container.”

Eesha Patel

Origin Activation


To be an entrepreneur or company that will bring in a new generation of business that consciously chooses to be intentional with its impact, income and influence, you have to be holistic in your approach to life and business.