A lot of Australians are concerned with what is happening right now

Feb 28, 2022 | 0 comments

As they should be. 

Centralised power making decisions for the majority  when they they are so out of touch with the majority is terrifying. 

Most of our politicians (not all) are career politicians.

They come from there private schools, fancy universities and enter politics into their early 20’s.

Their lack life experience makes it hard for them to comprehend what actually the majority is experiencing. 

Centralised power has always concerned me. 

Honestly, I was taught my disdain for centralised power made me a bad person.

I would hear things like..

“Kate can’t you just follow the rules?!? Just do what everyone else?”

Now, I realise that disdain was my intuition nudging me to see that there was something inherently wrong with the system. 

Whether it be political, economic, social, or any thing were a small group of out of touch individuals make decisions for the majority. 

Regardless of if you fall onto the side of the actions of those in power are justified or not, we all should be concerned about the road the country is on when a small amount of people hold so so much power of our lives. 

I am a stand with every dam cell for a new system. 

We have to find a better way.

The old has to become obsolete.

I am committed to using my business, my wealth and my voice to creating a new system. 

I don’t have all the answers yet.

All I know is that my ability to make money, gives me choice and I will be putting that into finding a better way.

I want to find the others. 

Those who know this too. 

Other entrepreneurs who know there job is to use their business, skills and businesses to innovate a new system. 

Please give me a Hola 👋🏻 if this is you.

It is time we find each other ❤️

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