I remember when I first got into the coaching industry

Mar 14, 2022 | 0 comments

I started and had great success running Facebook ads, and was one of the first using a low ticket offer sold off FB ads to sell into high ticket for a bricks and mortar health and fitness coaching business.

That was over 7 years ago.

I have watched the industry “evolve” a lot since then.

Some things for the better and some things not.

One thing that I find discombobulating is that people now DM to sell without actually looking at the person’s page, getting a feel for them, maybe even looking at their website and gauging where they are at.

I am all for selling through chat when their intention is CONNECTION FIRST. With the secondary intention to make a sale.

My team and I use chat strategies to get to know our market, what they need, discover how we can support them, and IF THERE is a match we will offer them a call to explore if we can help them further.

Using these strategies is how I know what language to use for my copy, what the major solutions are that my market is seeking, and essentially everything I use to brand and market with.

They are priceless.

Our INTENTION is to first CONNECT, we want to discover where they are at, what are their current challenges, what are their goals and then we will give them something that can support them as a gift.

THEN AND ONLY THEN if there is a potential match for us to help them and they invite us in to look at our services will we bring this into the conversation.

Today, I am surprised at the amount of DM’s I get from people who clearly have not looked at my profile, or even website.

I admire their courage and tenacity.

Yet, it is curbed with stupidity.

If you are going to use DM strategies, take the time to find out who you are sending the message to.

Because relationships are currency and when you DM without research you damage more relationships than you build.

From some of the old guard, to my young new whipper snappers who are so excited they are blindly messaging randoms to make sales… STOP.

Be smarter, Be wiser and focus on connection first.

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