Wake up Coaches & Consultants! The Game Has CHANGED

Jan 17, 2022 | 0 comments

It changed at the start of 2020 yet everyone called us crazy when we predicted the rules changing to this point. 

I am SO glad at the start of 2020 we pivoted to an entirely online business model. 

There is literally a 6 month window for people to get online AND diversify across centralised, decentralised and open source platforms. 

I hesitated in posting this as I hate being the “doom” news person. 

The coaching and consulting space has changed now for a while, maybe not forever but a long while. 

You have to move your model online ASAP. 

It’s not about being for or against anything it is about having the freedom to run regardless of what rules are put in place. 

If you don’t know how to: 

  • drive traffic fully online 
  • convert traffic via webinar, virtual events, fb challenges, Masterclass from high ticket to low ticket 
  • run and facilitate events online from small to big 
  • deliver your courses or trainings fully online 
  • have a edified brand that is an accurate representation of your actual skills 
  • and endless online things pertinent to a DIVERSIFIED online business 

Get someone to support you now, INVEST in a mentor who can show you. 

It doesn’t have to be us, I don’t care we aren’t for everyone just please move now. 

Let what is happening in Australia with the game being changed constantly be the motivation you need to act NOW. 

If you don’t have an established brand that is fully ONLINE generating 6 figures or more a year within 5 months it might be very hard for you for the unforeseeable future.  

All I ask is be mindful where you invest to get help. 

We are speaking to people weekly who have panicked purchased other mentors and been left with not getting what they were sold. 

Avoid the one hit wonders, or people who lack experience or those who are not ahead with current innovations like how to build business models accross decentralised, centralised and open source platforms. 

Please please please act now though. 

I can’t handle seeing more people lose their business.. GET FULLY ONLINE. 

Side note: this is not about what you choose to do with your body,

that’s none of my business nor am I a professional in that area. I am a professional in business and this is my professional diagnoses. 


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