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If a coach is claiming they are the best business coach EVER and is NOT teaching their clients to build HYBRID business models (across decentralised, centralised, open source platforms) they are only assisting people in being more successful slaves in a broken system. 

This certainly doesn’t define “best” in my book.

You see, a lot of people think having a successful 7 figure business is all you need.

It isn’t. 

Money isn’t enough if it is tied up on a system that is rigged and you ultimately have no control over. 

If you only are getting your leads from centralised platforms and they change the game to something you choose to to align with you have lost your lead source. 

No leads No Business.

What if the centralised platforms decide they want you to get a neuro link, so your brain can be scanned to log on? And you don’t want a neuro link?? 

I get tis seems extreme, yet if I had of told you at the start of 2020 we would be here, you would have thought it was extreme, 

The thing is, we did tell people and many didn’t listen so please listen this time because we can see what is coming that most can’t or won’t admist becasue their business model relies on it not being true.

A business that is a true vehicle to freedom is a hybrid business

model that is hitting 7 + figures with high profit margins .

If some one can’t show you how to build a funnel that get leads from decentralised and centralised platforms they aren’t helping you build a life of freedom. 

It isn’t enough to just tell people oh go use telegram… Or yes I’ve hear mastodon is good.

They have to be able to show you the HOW. 

Or they are full of sh!t. 

Helping entrepreneurs scale their businesses isn’t enough any more. 

Choose who you work with wisely and make sure they are helping you FREE yourself not just become a rich pawn in some one else’s game.

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