What most coaches think is their problem IS NOT their problem

Feb 14, 2022 | 0 comments

And if they don’t see their REAL problems soon, it will cost them more than their business.

Dramatic? Yes, it is and it needs to be.

They think their problems are:

– Automated lead generation
– Building funnels
– Paying for ads
– Building new systems
– Hiring more team
– Hiring an agency
– Rebranding
– Paying for book features, media etc
– Improving their funnels
– Getting verified on IG and FB
– Doing more retreats or workshops for their personal development

Whilst these things are maybe issues and 3 years a go iI would have said each one of these can be a priority NOW I say they must take a back seat UNLESS they will bring you a ROI within 4 weeks of you doing them.

What I mean by that is if you are going to pay an agency to do your ads and build you a funnel, you will want to make that investment back and give you a 5- 10X ROI in 4-8 weeks OR if you invest in a workshop will it give you a 3-10X ROI within 4 – 8 weeks weeks?

I say this because REVENUE and profit are the TWO most important things right now.

You want to be investing in things that bring you ROI and show you how to GROW IT so you can increase your profit margin.

This isn’t important because you need to flash an IG worthy life on socials with fast cars, or holidays or buying flashy things OR WHATEVER VERSION OF FREEDOM YOU HAVE.

It is actually important BECAUSE MONEY = CHOICE.


We are not in 2019 any more, we now need choice more than ever AND redefine how we relate to ourselves and our business.

Right now, regardless of where your oppinon on falls with current event the reality is the WORLD IS CHANGING rapidly.

You need CHOICE for things BEYOND the above issues, you need it for CHOICE.

– Choice to not be not spied on by tech platforms
– Choice to be able to take your family some where you feel is safe
– Choice to be able to fly private
– Choice to be able to not rely on an outside system AT ALL
– Choice to be able to scale your business FULLY online
– Choice to not need to run live events for your coaching events
– Choice to be able to PAY FOR ACCESS if required in al different shapes and sizes

This is what we have done, built a business and life of choice. Our business will not only survive, it will thrive as a new era of existence ushers in.

The smartest thing they can do right now is invest in generating REVENUE quickly, then invest that into building yourself a business of CHOICE.

This is EXACTLY what we do in Project Impact AND why we created it.

Our clients who follow the guidance and act fast make their investment back in the their 3-8weeks then they 10X -20X it back over the next 10 months,

The result? I

They build bulk revenue, increase profit margins, build a business that is systemised allowing them time freedom and money freedom and above all CHOICE.

IF you are just starting or not in a position to invest in speed and a ROI we have other more suitable programs for you, just email us and we will help you with those at support@katecgray.com

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