Most coaches, consultants and experts we speak with are tired of the status quo

Apr 11, 2022 | 0 comments

They want to scale fast and are here to build a legacy with clients that are dream life long clients.

They are frustrated with the way things are on the platforms they market on, and the current system in general.

They get the intuitive sense that the “done for you” or “business in a box” or “templated some other coaches systems” or “bro business DM everyone on your list strategies” are NOT the foundation for a relationship focused, solid and sustainable business.

Although they want to get someone to help them they have been burnt before with being sold something that just isn’t what was promised.

Every week we hear the same stories from people who apply for our Project Impact, our 12 month business incubator.

They want help, they have trusted someone and been burnt.

Me too.

In 2019 I trusted someone and got distracted by their celebrity and invested 100K to work with them. That 100K was for 6 sessions.

They screwed me over not only with the coaching I invested in with them (which I only ended up having 2 sessions of) but also with other deals I bought them.

They had little to no care for the people they sold too, they cared about profits and profits alone.

So, when I hear this is a common trend in the coaching industry now it makes me sad.

It seems now entrepreneurship is a necessity for anyone who wants freedom. More and more “business” coaches are coming out of the woodwork.

With their rented ferraris, huge amounts of debt, 7 + figure businesses that are barely breaking even and their systems/methods/techniques that they essentially took from someone else’s $97 program, they are signing people up under false pretenses.

We have cleaned up a lot of these coaches’ messes and have implemented an option to have a 30 day stop loss for anyone in our Project Impact Movement so they can make sure they feel like everything they were promised is being delivered in the first 30 days, if not they can leave.

We came up with this because we were noticing how many people had been burnt from these flashy business coaches, and we know we over deliver so we had to just give them a chance to try our program and we knew they would feel safe to stay.

Not one person has chosen to leave after 30 days, and this means a lot to us.

I am simply tired of seeing people get burned, with the state of the world we don’t have time to lose in business.

We have to get ahead of the curve now.

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