Earning between 2K -15K a month in your business?

May 2, 2022 | 0 comments

If you are generating between 2-15K a month in your coaching business and want to scale that by 2-5X within the NEXT 90 DAYS without building funnels, paying for ads or cold DMing strangers listen up..

Most coaches at this revenue point will experience a bottleneck and not grow as quickly as they could because of 3 things..

πŸ‘‰ POOR BUSINESS MODEL – They sell things that are NOT SCALABLE. Resulting in them ending up trapped in delivering the programs/services and then cannot spend enough time focusing on leads to sustain their growth. This results in feast or famine revenue and the CYCLE SUCKS!

πŸ‘‰ ASKING WHO NOT WHAT – many coaches at this point fail to outsource at the right time. This leads them to again feast and famine revenue as they end up not being able to stay consistent. They have yet to shift into the invest money to get a ROI of time to move their business forward. This can be hiring a mentor to save them time to a cleaner to clean their house! Buying back time and paying for speed during this phase is SMART and often overlooked by this group.

πŸ‘‰ POOR SALES SKILLS – if you can’t convert your leads then it is problematic. No sales no business. Many people think they are good at sales, and they are not. Investing in learning to sell in a way that SUITS your market is PARAMOUNT. Not all markets buy the same. Selling a service to the Gary Vee crowd compared to the Dr Dispenza crowd requires a different style. Knowing how to sales flex is very important because at this stage EVERY LEAD COUNTS.

If you can address the above (which can be solved with ease and quickly with the right process) then you will smash your revenue goals in the next 3 months, maybe even 10X them.

We are taking our final applications for 2021 for our Jan launch of 3 of our programs.

If you want support, to work with us more closely apply in the usual place.
There are 3 offerings, 3 lengths to time, 3 diff investments and 3 different levels of support.

We have thought of catering for every one.

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