Are you a War Time Leader or a Peace time Leader?

Jan 3, 2022 | 0 comments

We have a culture of fast action in our movement.

We appreciate many people have different decision making processes and why we focus on 24 hour decision making is simple and is because we work with war time leaders.

War time leaders have the ability to make fast decisions even hint the face of uncertainty and fear.

We are at a war with out bombs, it is an information war.

The markets have changed, your business model will need to change to, your approach to leads, sales, delivery of programs will need to change.

If you haven’t changed your approach by now and it hasn’t stopped working yet it will soon.

So, what is the difference between war time and peace time leaders?

Peace Time Leaders- > Follows the correct protocol leads to winning.

War Time Leaders – > Violates protocol in order to win.

Peace Time Leaders – Focuses on the big picture and empowers their people to make detailed decisions.

Wartime Time Leaders – Cares about a speck of dust on a gnat’s ass if it interferes with the prime directive.

Peace Time Leaders – always have a contingency plan

War Time Leaders – burn their boats and go all in

Peace Time Leaders – Are trusting and rule following

War Time Leaders – Are critical thinking and slightly paranoid

In order to get humanity back to a place of peace we must engage war time leadership.

This is not to fight the system, it is to make it obsolete by building a new one.

Where are my war time leaders at?

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