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We value our clients as much as they value us. Here’s what some of them have to say.

Kate and Jeff’s marketing and content strategies are something that you can implement quickly to see results. Kate loves to move with the times, always teaching the latest strategies rather than something you may have heard 15 years ago.

Matilda Morgan

I’ve worked a lot particularly with Jeff over the years which has brought me excellent results. They make a great team. I find that Kate produces really good content and I love the way she markets herself. She knows how to capture attention and how to create polarity. They are genius when it comes to understanding audiences and how to create an emotional response that gets people to buy. When it comes to launches and organic strategies Kate is the ultimate Boss Bitch as people receive the transmission just by being in her container.

Eesha Patel

Even though I’ve been in business for 14 years I have learned so much from Kate and Jeff. I thought I knew everything until Kate gave me a new perspective on being seen online, communicating in emails, even how to dress. I’ve learned so much about branding and marketing and all aspects of doing a launch. I love working with her because she’s so passionate about teaching others that her enthusiasm is contagious. This has made me excited again about working on my business, tweaking and using new marketing and sales strategies.

Jodie Creek

Through the strategies that Kate and Jeff have taught us, we have our sales structure much more clearly organised, and we have more clarity on what to do and how to do it. We are now making more money because we know how to close a sale properly.

Elizabeth Pritchard/Christine Burns

Kate and Jeff are not only extremely knowledgeable coaches but their life and business experiences add immeasurable value to their offerings. Although I’ve had previous experiences with other coaches, this was the first time I’ve felt a real guidance and connection with their resources and felt they care about my business success.

Laura Cacau

I have applied the strategies that Kate suggested to me and had a 100% conversion rate in a group challenge that I ran. I highly recommend listening to Kate, applying her strategies and most of all investing in yourself to work with her.

What I’ve learned from Kate I have never learned anywhere else before and they work. This is why I keep going back to learn more so I can grow and continue to have a successful business.

Amy Mingin

I have had the pleasure of working with Kate Gray many times in person and in her Boss Business program. Kate is one of the most incredibly knowledgeable people, she has a deep comprehension of online marketing strategies and business.  The value she has added to my business through her expertise and experience has enabled me to do my best work. She is an inspiration and a gift to the online business world. What Kate doesn’t know, isn’t worth knowing.

Amanda Loftus

Working with the amazing Kate has taught me the importance of good branding. My business goal now is for my market to see me as the solution to their problem. I am very grateful to be a participant in Kate’s program.

Carol Robinson

I was blown away by the immediate results that I got from implementing the strategies Kate taught in her 5 day Organic Online Marketing Facebook challenge. Just from what I learnt and implemented on Day 1 resulted in a greater response to my content, then sales calls followed resulting in new clients the following weeks.

I’ve found that I’m now communicating more directly to my ideal client and attracting clients through social media with more ease. I absolutely love Kate’s style and her genuine desire that empowers women globally to leave a legacy and have more wealth, impact and freedom.

Theresa Fitzgerald

I learned heaps of new strategies from Kate and Jeff that I will use to get future sales. For example, I only had a basic funnel before, but with their help I’ve been able to fine tune it and make it better. I also loved Kate’s presentation about how to do a webinar.

Michael Lauria

The recent Impact Incubator event was an incredible experience to be a part of. Kate and Jeff did an amazing job of connecting the links between sales, marketing and business, and provided on the spot strategies to help me move my business forward. Not only was the knowledge impactful and meaningful, the wisdom they have gathered through lived experiences, having worked with high level coaches themselves, and the learnings and teachings as mentors and speakers, all shone through.

I feel like I collapsed what was years’ worth of work in just a single weekend. Since the event I’ve been able to connect with more clients, and have a greater impact. I’ve been able to rewire beliefs around money and have greater confidence in my ability to deliver my service to more people.

Heath Milton

I’m currently being mentored by Kate and also attended the Impact Incubator event last weekend. Kate is an expert in communicating her ideas in a very clear and practical way on how to use marketing to create a bigger impact.

The key benefit for me is she has taught me how to structure my story on social media in a way that creates a buying process and allows me to build relationships with people rather than just sell to them. She has filled in the gaps that other coaches weren’t able to do because she understands her clients in greater depth, and is always willing to go the extra mile to provide even more value.

Tegan Mel

I attended the Impact Incubator event last weekend where I was able to take away many new ideas and approaches to marketing and branding which are already making a positive impact on my own brand and how I interact with my clients.

Kate has a fun, insightful and engaging style of presenting and her strategies are all about creating relationships with potential clients and being authentic. I resonate with her because I’m not a fan of old-school sales and marketing techniques. Her techniques are simple yet powerful and she delivers her content with passion and commitment to creating positive change in business. I would recommend her to anyone who’s looking for the real deal when it comes to finding a business mentor.

Kyle Lazich

Kate has been unique in the way she mentors me in my business. In particular the way she perceives the interaction between my clients, my audience and myself and how I communicate when delivering my message. It becomes very clear when she expresses what is working and what is not working.

Making the changes she’s suggested has been a massive pivot in my business and given me a clear vison of the correct strategies to use in communicating this. What I’m now going to offer has completely changed my perspective of business.

I am very, very happy working with Kate and I am still so excited about what’s coming and the results that I’m going to get from her knowledge and work.

Mariana Lennert

I was spinning my wheels, making no money, and had the wrong message to market. It wasn’t until Kate helped me that I even knew what was wrong. I thought if I tried harder, kept going, I’d get there. Not true! Kate has not only saved me time, but I’ve already made back half of my investment to work with her. If you’re not where you want to be in your business, don’t waste any more time. I highly recommend you work with Kate to get clear about your marketing and start converting!

Jen Scott

In my time working with Kate and Jeff, I was able to set up the business structures and systems that were necessary for me to establish my coaching business. I was able to double my prices as they supported me to position myself and create a business model that I could replicate to experience ongoing business growth. I was able to get the right things done at the right time thanks to their personalised approach and knowledge.

Nash Mackey

Thank you Kate Gray!

Christine Burns and I have been working with you now for more than a year, and we have found your skill, expertise, passion, generosity and innovation with how to work through our marketing strategies invaluable!!

There’s never a one size fits all with you and we really appreciate your desire to understand us and our business, and then find a way that works for both.

This year, we’ve had the highest six months so far!

Elizabeth Pritchard – WALT Institute

I might as well update the post for you Kate.

I finished at $62,300+ and may have a couple more trickle in as I do some follow-up calls. It was soooo worth doing and I thank you for guiding me through it.

Belinda Smith - RARE Team

I wanted to take a moment to share my thoughts and experiences with working with the absolute game changer and unbelievable business warrior in this world, Kate Gray! Kate is not only a successful businesswoman and a remarkable real human,but, she also possesses a very unique superpower wherein she can see someone’s passion, purpose and power and add her value in the most simple and effective manner, in order to take them to the next level!

How I wish I had met Kate earlier in my life! Her knowledge and experience is astonishing, and I have learned so much from her and Jeff in these 3 months.

Kate is an illuminator, she illuminates every “dark” part that you think you have as a fellow human and entrepreneur, her natural ability to just “get it” has allowed me to grow more than I ever thought I could, in this short amount of time that I have worked with her!

When I did he 5 day challenge I immediately knew that I just had to work with her. Kate is always willing to listen, give advice and guide you through whatever problem you may be facing, and it is an honour to work with her.

Jennifer Amy Stoler – The Divorce Chick

Kate Gray is a powerhouse Entrepreneur, brand strategist and all round awesome human being. Since attending (and thoroughly enjoying) her events and trainings, I’ve picked up so much that has helped me to integrate and leverage other social media platforms into my marketing strategy, allowing me to generate leads and sales across multiple platforms, without having to spend my life on social media!

Amy Smith - Aligned Tribe

I chose to work with Kate because I’d been to some of her events and felt her strategies were easy to follow, she was confident in her approach, and I saw that she was getting results.

What I like the most is she focuses on strategy and momentum which was exactly what I needed after having experienced emotional coaching that didn’t get straight down to business. She tests and measures everything so I knew the advice she was giving was researched and tested, and she had a good idea of what works and what doesn’t.

As a result of working with Kate I now have simple funnels to collect leads and understand more about how to convert them so I no longer feel lost in this process. She provided me with many different options and also showed me how to create super easy content. My reach is a lot broader now, I have many more warm leads and know how and where to find my ideal clients.

I had one of my biggest months ever in the very beginning after Kate helped me create a 5 day challenge that gave value, so if you’re looking for someone who can get you results quickly, then I highly recommend her.

Jessica McIlveen

I chose to work with Kate because my results had plateaued with a previous business coach and I wanted someone who I could trust had proven results from their business model and was successful using these strategies.

The structure of Kate’s model was really effective and I loved the personalised advice on what I particularly needed while working through business strategies and mindset.

Kate has an effective sharp shooting style of coaching which gets straight to the point and subsequently gets results very quickly. Every stage has been tried and tested so she knows exactly what works and what doesn’t. Her strengths are in lead generation, organic marketing, Facebook community management, challenges, webinars and getting people into your programs.

She has helped me really appreciate and understand the importance of simplicity in business, keeping offers streamlined and planning content in advance. This was something I’d never done but it took the stress out of worrying where my next clients were coming from.

I highly recommend Kate as a business coach.

Abby Douglass

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