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The New York Finance: Top Entrepreneurs to Follow in 2021

Kate C Gray runs Boss Bitch Business School, which is a digital platform that offers courses and mentorship for coaches, consultants, influencers and service-based entrepreneurs. The platform helps members amplify their impact, influence and income by launching and/or scaling online businesses. Besides this, Kate has overcome a meth addiction and homelessness after which she became an entrepreneur and started to build multiple seven figure businesses and has studied high performance for a lifetime.

Yahoo Finance: The Top 10 Female CEOs to Watch in 2021

Kate Gray is one of the top entrepreneurs and thought leaders in Australia and her work has been embraced by entrepreneurs, thought leaders, coaches, and consultants from all over the world.She’s also one of the most influential speakers on Business and Personal Mastery, having spoken at global summits with the likes of Tony Robbins, Les Brown, Forbes Riley, Rock Thomas, Jack Canfield and Brian Tracy. Kate possesses the rate ability to communicate messages that electrify, entertain and educate people on how to be the best possible leader, coach, consultant, or entrepreneur to have the most positive impact on the world.

The Australian Business Journal: Kate Gray: How Female Entrepreneurs Can Hit 7 Figures in Revenue by 2025

As a woman in entrepreneurship, taking your business to 7-figures is going to be extremely challenging, especially if you’re going at it alone… See, of all women who start their own business, only a measly 3% hit 7-figures.

That means if you’re looking to cross that million dollar a year mark, the odds are stacked against you. But difficult does not mean impossible.

So how do they do it? How do some women rise to the top of the business ladder while the other 97% stay at the bottom?

Here to answer that for you is Kate Gray. 


To be an entrepreneur or company that will bring in a new generation of business that consciously chooses to be intentional with its impact, income and influence, you have to be holistic in your approach to life and business.