The United Front


For too long companies have been assaulting the planet, people and profits from every possible angle with their greed, narcissism and prejudice. The United Front is a place for Visionary Entrepreneurs to stand against the old way of doing business by creating new benevolent businesses that make these old practices obsolete and create positive change in the world.


Who is it For?

Benevolent Visionary Entrepreneurs, thought-leaders and coaches who: 

  • Are committed to results not excuses
  • Don’t cry like babies
  • Just get things done
  • Want to make an impact
  • Want to bring something new into the world
  • Put their mission above their fears and concerns


Who this is NOT for?

People who: 

  • Think they can solve problems with “love and light”
  • Are hobbyists rather than true business leaders
  • Aren’t willing to hear the brutal truth
  • Can’t take responsibility
  • Freeze up in the face of stepping up
  • Won’t take action


 What Will You Learn?

  • A more renegade and revolutionary approach to business and life that will bring more freedom and impact.
  • How to step up with courage to have more fierce conversations with yourself and others, and make decisions unapologetically in service of your vision.
  • The right strategies to fearlessly deploy in order to take the market away from the old guard.
  • How to use your own tactical advantage to enlist more of the right customers.
  • The VGC Analysis Framework – Vision, Grit, and Courage
  • The entire United Self 7 part framework.


What’s Included?

  • Weekly Assembly Calls Via Zoom
  • Two Week Fast Start Field Guide – a written guide to introduce you to The United Front Framework and get you started 
  • Business Training Platform and Tactical War Room – Online training platform consisting of 3 complete courses with 70+ videos
  • Weekly Q&A Re-Group & Re-Load Facebook Live calls – Designed to offer support in terms of pivoting and obstacles you may face to ensure you have the right tools, resources and psychology to overcome your weaknesses.
  • Ongoing Facebook Situation Room Group which allows you to connect and brainstorm with other like-minded people 
  • Regular special guest mentors
  • Bonus access to recorded training of a 5 day speaker course we sold for $5000
  • Bonus recorded training of a 3 day Mindset Course that people invested $2000 to be part of. 


How Does it Work?

The Program consists of a written introduction guide to get you started, then the business training platform is a series of more than 70 videos to complete. There are also weekly Assembly calls via Zoom and weekly Q&A Facebook Live calls.


Is There Other Support?

Ongoing Facebook Situation Room Group which allows you to connect and brainstorm with other like-minded people


What’s the Investment?

US$197 per month (cancel anytime)


How Do I Book?

Go to: to register