Sprint to Scale Bootcamp (By application only)


This is an 8 week, 16 part online program plus bonus pre-work week to help Entrepreneurs who want to grow and scale their online businesses to the next level, while helping them with all 7 essential areas of business. We know that when we work with people they get results, and we ensure we do this in a way that is helpful, effective and leveraged.


What Will You Learn?

1)  A really good business structure to scale – ensuring you have the right stability to go boom!

2) The correct business model – save years of restructuring from the start with the right model.

3) The correct sales and marketing system for your business – where your clients sell your services for you, and clients seek you out.

4) The ability to become the go-to authority in your space.

5) Mental Toughness – How to build and maintain a mindset for high performance in all areas of your life, not just business.

6) Community of like-minded warriors – the right people supporting you allows you to achieve 5 years’ worth of success in 1.

7) A roadmap – What to do when and in what order.


What’s Included?

We are going to help you with all 7 areas of your business and this will include:

1) 8 Weekly Group Calls With Kate or Jeff via Zoom: Each call is a Q&A session where you and the other 7 group members can ask Kate and Jeff questions directly related to you, your business and life. This ensures we keep the process as personalised as possible.

2) 8 Weekly Group Live Teaching Sessions via Zoom with Kate or Jeff: Each call is a deep immersion into one of the 7 above modules. We have kept the group super-intimate so we can use 1 person a week to apply the teaching to, and use as a live example. Again, keeping it as personalised as possible.

3) Access to our online business training digital platform and access to all new live trainings that are produced.

4) Guest interviews on everything you need to know to scale your business and life. From crypto, to high performance, health optimisation and financial education.

5) Access to our network and contacts for all elements of business as needed (Legal, Accounting, PR, Media Buying, etc.) with the best packages available.

In total, you’re getting our mentorship while also obtaining everything that we believe is needed in order to scale your business.


How Does it Work?

There will be a bonus pre-work week with no group calls. We will provide a few videos for you to watch and some assignments to complete so we get to know you.

The following week will be the start of the 8 week immersion program which will consist of 2 calls per week with homework in between.


Is There Other Support?

You will be invited to join a private Facebook group which will connect you with other members of the Sprint to Scale programs. This will allow you to share ideas and get to know other like-minded entrepreneurs.


What’s The Investment?

Full payment:  $11,000

You can also pay in 6 installments of $2,000 per fortnight ($12,000)


How Do I Book?

This program is by application only so you will need to fill in this application form (link) and we will assess whether this is a suitable program for you. If so you will be invited to enrol.