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Over the past 8 years I have invested over $800,000 in business and self-development.

From Masterminds with Gary Vaynerchuk to 1-on-1 sessions with Grant Cardone, somatic sexology immersions, zen meditation retreats and plant medicine ceremonies/retreats.

I invested heavily to develop my business AND also myself.

Why? There are actually several very important reasons.

Firstly, you have to pay to play. When you pay you gain proximity, and proximity is power in life as well as business.

Secondly, all parts affect the whole. The reason my development is so varied, from deep inner work to cut throat business mentoring, is because how I show up as a human impacts my business more than the business knowledge I have.

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“All parts affect the whole…”

I believe that if you want to succeed in business AND have a fulfilled purpose-driven life you need to consider all parts of your life. Then commit to being the best you can in all of them.

Thirdly, what follows on from this, is that you are your business. Your business is an extension of who you are, so doing the inner work has been just as paramount for my business as the advice from Gary Vee. Whatever you hide from in life will eventually impact your business and team.

Now, all that money wasn’t invested wisely. I made many mistakes along the way and each mistake and win led me to a single conclusion. All parts affect the whole. 

To be an entrepreneur or company that will bring in a new generation of business that consciously chooses to be intentional with its impact, income and influence, you have to be holistic in your approach to life and business.

Be holistic in your approach to life and business.


If you don’t?

Well the last century of business, which was built on a capitalist system of putting profit before people and the planet, will continue to reign supreme.

To shift this we need entrepreneurs who are killer business people, with real world, tangible skills as well as centred, peaceful warrior spirits.

I support entrepreneurs and companies that are committed to excellence in all areas of their life, and desire to use their business as a vehicle for conscious change in the World.

So if this is you, I want to connectSee the ways we can work together below.

Yours In High Performance.

Kate xo


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